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Maudeline Spacks 2010 – 2018

Maudeline Spacks, named after the “Maud” of Tennyson’s poem of the same name, was a vanishing artist and femme fetale active in the early noughties. Maudeline’s tour de force was a duel show at Sydney Opera House and the Royal Opera House London, where she performed in both venues at the same time. A video link up broadcast the concurrent shows in real-time to each venue. During the course of her Magnus Opus, Maud became lost in transit somewhere between the London and Sydney, never to be seen again. Incidentally, Charlie Chaplin was once spotted in 800 simultaneous sightings across America.There is speculation that there was one further siting of Maud, a few hours after the performance, outside a house in Pimlico talking to a man in a dark fedora hat. The man fits the description of Andrew Plummer,lead vocalist of World Sanguine Report,( was infatuated by Maud, like most people who met her, and reportedly heartbroken when his advances were refused during rehearsals. Will Teather met Plummer when he was commissioned to paint the stage set and publicity images for Maud’s performance, for which Plummer was one of the support acts. In hindsight, the paintings seem to have foreseen Maud being kidnapped by Plummer and becoming trapped in an interstice, a sort of lacuna, where she becomes”Schroedinger’s cat,” so to speak. A vanishing artist who has vanished forever, she is both dead and alive at the same time,something that is meditated upon in many of Teather’s new large-scale paintings, populated by moths and other symbols of transformation.

Time Capsule- 82 x 114cm – Oil on panel

The depiction of ‘stuff’ confirms the artist’s painterly virtuosity whilst confounding our expectations of still life or vanitas painting of the 17th Century; Teather’s works frequently wrenches us back and forth through time and style; As we are shifted between romanticism and classicism, we are left entranced, entertained and certainly captivated by the uncertainties.

Professor Neil Powell – writer for Wall Street International
See her faces unfurl, 36 x 48 inches, Oil on canvas
To The Woody Hollows In Which We Meet, And The Valleys Of Paradise
Oil on panel- 138 x 89cm
To Enter the Bright Eye- Oil on panel- 2011 – 85 x 100cm – SOLD
Nay The Plainness of Her Dresses? Now I know her But in Two.-Oil on panel- 155 x 105cm – 2011
AVAILABLE – PLEASE INQUIRE (in handmade gilt frame)
Maud the beloved of my mother, the moon-faced darling of all- Oil on panel- 105x 135cm
AVAILABLE – PLEASE INQUIRE (in handmade gilt frame)

At this point one should turn to Siouxsie and the Banshees for elucidation:

“She tries not to shatter,kaleidoscope style
personality changes behind her red smile
every new problem brings a stranger inside
helpessly forcing one more new disguise
Maudeline-the strawberry girl
Maudeline-banana split lady
Maudeline-the strawberry girl
Maudeline sees her faces unfurl”

Siouxsie and the Banshees
Maudeline Spacks – Pastel on velour

Perhaps the most untethered model has been Maudeline Spacks, named after the Maud of Tennyson’s poem, and a vanishing artist and femme fatale who appeared fatally to vanish somewhere between concurrent shows in the Royal Festival Hall and Sydney Opera House.Leaving behind her stage dress, and spurring a sequence of tribute portraits and Wanted posters, there is a growing body of evidence that the missing star has actually resurfaced in Norfolk.

Ian Collins, art critic and curator
 Screenprint edition
 Screenprint edition
Acrylic on canvas
Screenprint edition
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
The Valleys of Paradise- Acrylic and oil bar on canvas – 95 x 75cm approx
Studio photo by Moro 2013

The most developed narrative of mine is the Maudeline Spacks series. This started with me drawing a mannequin with a dress hanging from it and a latex mask on top. I was interested in how it might seem more real and alive once I’d drawn it in pastel, which it did! So this character was sort of dead and alive from the very beginning. I’d recently also been reading Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter, a tale about a performer with impossible powers. Maudeline Spacks was conceived as a vanishing artist who hasn’t reappeared yet, so like my drawing she is also kind of dead and alive at the same time.

Excerpt from interview with Egham Museum

In a peculiar twist of fate Maud made a re-appearance in person, at the Assembly House, Norwich, 7pm on Wednesday October 5th, 2011:

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