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The Reappearance

of Maudeline Spacks

“The box office hit of BETA.”

Luke Emery, BETA Festival Producer.

Debuted at the Norwich Puppet Theatre as part of the BETA programme for Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, Mister Will Teather is pleased and humbled to offer you a miracle.

An Evening To Be Discussed & Venerated By The Intelligentsia & Common Man alike.

She is not dead, let us be clear. There are those that would protest 

otherwise but they are ingrates to be pitied for their lack of faith, the 

limitations of their acumen.

Disappearing Artist Maudeline Spacks has not been seen since her infamous performance where she was to have disappeared at the Sydney Opera House only to reappear moments later at the Royal Opera House, London. But tragedy struck alas! alas! when she was lost in inter spatial transit, never again to reappear. Until now. God willing.

In a performance that features Edinburgh Fringe First winner Chris Thorpe(The Oh F*** Moment), bewitching performance artist Holly Bodmer (Odd Comic; Would Be Nice Though), the MEN award-winning physical theatre of Sarah Johnson (Limpik Theatre) and featuring the Maudeline Spacks Tribute Band, acclaimed visual artist and impresario Will Teather presents an evening of music, wonder and visual arts.

Rest assured, there will be a miracle.

About the Performance:
THE REAPPEARANCE OF MAUDELINE SPACKS has been commissioned for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival as part of the BETA program of new and innovative multi-platform scratch work. It is supported by the Arts Council England and Norfolk County Council. 

What’s Under Degas’s Tutu?
performed at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, 2010 and Firstsite Gallery, 2015

Photographs by Andy Sapey

Devised and performed with Artists Dot Howard and Holly Bodmer  for a ‘Late Shift’ at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich.

Three people, a drum kit and some unlikely “artwork interpretation tools” present a performance inspired by gallery etiquette.

Do not sleep in the gallery.

Do not turn up dirty and covered in twigs.

Do not roller skate near artefacts.

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