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Art in the age of digital reproduction

The Photoshoot – Oil & acrylic on panel – Teather & Asbury
I-Pad – Oil & acrylic on panel – 65 x 65cm – Teather & Asbury
The Interview – Part A – Oil on panel – 60 x 67.5cm – Teather & Asbury
The Interview – Part B – Oil on panel – 60 x 67.5cm – Teather & Asbury
“Fridge” – Oil & acrylic on panel – Teather & Asbury
“Art in the age of digital reproduction” – oil & acrylic on panel – Teather & Asbury

This page showcases recent works by Will Teather and Anthony Asbury.

The collaborative artworks depict contemporary living, yet draw upon the aesthetic traditions of baroque painting and eighteenth century genre painters such as Joseph Wright of Darby. Bringing up to date Wright’s exploration of the industrial age in paintings such as An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump (1768), these new works draw upon digital technology and modern devices that illuminate the protagonists. Often the characters in these new paintings seem both socially connected and disconnected by the technology that surrounds them.

About the Artists

Will Teather met Anthony Asbury when the latter attended the artist’s classes at Norwich University of the Arts, where they struck up a friendship. Asbury was at the time rekindling his interest in drawing, following early retirement from running his Product Design and Manufacturing business. Asbury took a strong interest in Teather’s paintings, which later led to collaborative ideas being developed. The pair bonded over an interest in contemporary art and historical paintings, and from the onset challenged each other to explore new adventures within their creative endeavours.

Will Teather is well-known for creating artworks that combine an unusual imagination with a mastery of traditional skills. The artist’s personal paintings often depict curious characters caught up in extraordinary situations.

Having trained in London at Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Art, Teather featured in exhibitions and publications internationally, receiving numerous grants and scholarships and being a finalist in international art prizes. He has been awarded spells as Artist-in-Residence for venues in New York, Aberdeen and Norfolk. Work is held in public and private collections in the UK and overseas. He remains an Associate Lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts.

As an artist, Asbury regards himself as predominantly self taught, although he has had a long standing interest in the arts that included a friendship with East Anglian landscape painter George Roberts, who mentored him in the craft of painting with oils. In 1972 he attended Keswick Hall College of Further Education, majoring in Painting. For his special study he focused the development of “Solid and Transparent Dyed Polyester Resins as a Painting Medium”; achieving a distinction and a BEd degree.

Alongside developing these compositions with Teather, in 2015 Asbury started working on his own acrylic paintings. His main subject matter is narrative portraits – mostly of acquaintances, or other interesting people in their natural surroundings.

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